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Now with Telenor Web 2 Chat feature you can send messages to any Telenor number and receive responses as well. You can have a session with ten unique numbers at a given time. There are no charges for this service.

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To send a message
There will be no charges for the Web User. The Mobile User would be charged @ Rs.2(excluding tax) per SMS
Select a nick [Screen-Name, User ID - up to 10 alphanumeric characters]
Specify the Telenor mobile number of intended recipient
Enter a message and click the send button
A single message will be comprised of up to 143 characters in length
The recipient would be forwarded the message sent by the Web 2 SMS user only upon accepting the request to get into the conversation. If the mobile user declines, the Web 2 SMS user�s message is NOT forwarded to mobile subscriber
Blocking or Unblocking the web 2 sms session
Under permanent blocking, a mobile user also has the ability to block/unblock the receiving of all messages from the Web 2 SMS service
The mobile user will receive the first message e.g. �Mak has sent you a Web 2 SMS chat message. If you wish to receive the messages from Mak, please reply Y. To reject, please N
Incase of reply with Y the session will start and if the mobile user did not reply with Y or N the session will not start.
Web 2 SMS
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